We design and develop impactful digital solutions to improve brand consistency and increase revenue.

Gritcode is a Digital Agency based in Frisco, Texas, focused on the design, development and optimization of websites, as well as general business strategy. Our team of graphic designers, software developers and decision scientists add great value to each project.

We are a group of gritty professionals. We love challenges, which is why we find inspiration where few agencies can. Grit is our code. Let´s talk! It will be an honor to be your digital partner.


Our Design & Development process is Agile. This is a client-centric, flexible way of working on projects. And although each project is different, having the capacity to adapt to each need and circumnstance is beneficial.


Everything starts with a coffee! Having a conversation to understand the client´s business goals and aspirations. Taking note on all key aspects that will guide the discovery stage.


This is when we hit the road! Market research to identify designs, trends and preferences. Understanding of buyer persons is very important before the designing stage begins. 


The excitment begins! this is the part that most clients await. The overall look and feel of the project is established. All external elements such as typography, colors, pictures and tones are defined. It all starts to take shape.


The development stage gives lifes to the project and we use WordPress to enable funcionality to your platform. We are good at developing clean, functional code structures!


Completing your project is not the end, but the beginning! We aim at supporting you and your business during the journey. Making sure everthing runs spothly, to help you achieve a sustainable business model.


We offer customer-centric design and development of websites, e- commerce and marketplace, with solutions that look good not only from the outside (design), but the inside (coding). In addition, having your website visible and optimal for search engines is key to your brand´s success. Gritcode helps you achieve your business goals and tackle the ever-changing digital landscape.

Our digital services include:

· Design
· Development
· Hosting
. Domain
· Search Engine Optimization


Your brand is a promise, an expectation. It takes time to build. Consistency is key to its success. Consistent brands are more visible, and act like magnets, attracting more customer while conveying the brand promises, reinforcing values, and boosting loyalty. Gritcode helps you build the foundations of your brand, to improve revenue growth.

Our branding services include:

· Logo Design
· Brand and Corporate Identity
· Value Proposition
· Mission, Vision, and Values
· Trademark protection


Strategy is the beginning to every great brand experience. To achieve your business goals, is of utmost importance to know what you need to do, but also why you need to do it. Understanding market forces and ways to compete is key. The team of business consultants of Gritcode is ready to be your partner in the journey to achieve an effective digital transformation.

Our strategy services include:

· Digital Marketing
· Competitive Analysis
· Customer Journey
· Customer Analytics
· Website Analytics

Listen. Understand. Design.

It all begins with a conversation over coffee (yes, we love coffee!). We listen attentively to what each client has in mind: their ideas, aspirations and goals. Our creative process transforms these into powerful identities and impactul experiences that bring together people, products and organizations.


As a business we have a responsibility with future generations. Therefore, from each client who hires our services a percentage of the profits goes to the Gritcode Institute, an initiative that seeks to empower women entrepreneur in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. (STEM).

We have the best talent to take your agency to the next level

If you are among the following:

· Marketing and Advertising Agency
· Brand & Design Agency
· Independent Consultant
· Full Service Agencies